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Newstalk has previously employed the traditional focus group method in order to carry out qualitative research into it’s programme schedule, however, when we were approached by Focusgroupsonline, we recognised that there was potential to go beyond the limitations of the face to face environment of such research. 

We could see that the online methodology offered value by reaching target groups who may have been difficult to reach at other times of the day, but we were also attracted to the proposal specifically because it offered the opportunity to reach our core audience in multi locations at one time. This appealed to us from both a logistic and cost perspective. 

The fact that we could also play samples of audio on line to the participants was also an added advantage.

We commissioned one research study with the overall objective being to explore the attitudes, opinions, feelings and behaviour of our core market towards the Breakfast Show on Newstalk. The research needed to be carried out in a way that revealed key actionable insights that could be leveraged to make the programme more relevant to existing listeners and attract new listeners to the show.  We also wished to gain a real insight into the listener’s world during breakfast time to better understand the competing forces that shift them from states of being, Active, Passive to Non-listener

The methodology that was used allowed us to research participants from key urban areas across the country online at one time.  We could uncover their considered and open opinions in a non-judgemental environment as opposed to the potentially restrictive environment of face to face focus groups.  The participants were able to listen to the Breakfast Show and to respond to questions. The controlled environment encouraged deep insights into the respondent’s feelings towards the audio they were hearing.

Importantly, as clients, we were also able to observe/view the research procedure in real time on line and therefore, we always felt part of the process. It was clear, that the ‘anonymous’ nature of the research encouraged open and frank discussion.

We will definitely consider using this type of research in the future as part of our marketing and programming strategy.

Elaine Geraghty
Newstalk 106-108

— Name, Title

I was very pleased with the quality of the results from the recent online focus group research you undertook for

We were under time pressure for the results, so online was definitely the way to go. But I was concerned that we may have to compromise on the depth of findings to achieve a fast turnaround.

I was delighted therefore with richness and depth of information that we achieved with the online groups and the speed with which the entire project was conducted, from initial briefing to final delivery.
Jane Lorigan
Managing Director Ireland 

— Name, Title

​Dear Dave,

Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service you gave us for our Focus Group research. The whole process was so efficient and the delivery was superb.

I felt that the fact that the participants were online really helped us to get much more detail out of them than we could normally get in a traditional focus group format. The fact that no one had a louder voice than anyone else helped to take the whole dominant participant out of it and give everyone in the group an equal voice which is so important with this type of research.

Your interaction with us through out the process was also great as it gave us the opportunity to probe ideas that emerged throughout the sessions.

Finally, your interpretation of the research was truly beneficial and has served us very well in putting together our marketing strategy and creative brief for the brand. We will definitely be back for more.

Best wishes,

Jill McGrath
Managing Director.

Flycatcher Media

— Name, Title

Dear Dave,

We’ve just heard that we’ve been awarded the DTT Multiplex contracts and as you can imagine, we’re absolutely delighted.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help on our bid application.

As our qualitative research provider,’s unique methodology delivered a great depth and breadth of consumer insight and this was a key component in the development of our business plan and pricing platforms.

We believe we got under the skin of the Irish TV consumer to uncover the market opportunities and got a much fuller, more rounded and more candid insight using your methodology, your moderation and your data management skills than would otherwise have been possible in the timeframe.

I look forward to working with you and again in the near future.

Yours sincerely
John Boyle
Group Marketing Director
Boxer TV Consortium

— Name, Title (sic now commissioned the services of to conduct qualitative research into the brand identity of and the purchase behaviour of consumers when it comes to buying personal insurance online.

Based on the complex brief given to, the turnaround time and quality of research undertaken was second to none.

The methodology used to encourage participation was very innovative and the communication flow from respondents was expertly managed by our facilitator Mr Dave Hanley.

By ways of a personalised sign in we could actually observe participants responses in real time and the anonymity of participants allowed them to respond in a highly unbiased and open forum.

The fact that respondents could answer at their own convenience, we believe, allowed for more open and natural response behaviour.

Furthermore, the compilation and delivery of research findings directly addressed all the issues required by the brief and often offered useful insights above and beyond the remit of the required research. The summary of suggested improvements have since been
compiled into an action plan for site content development and user friendly improvements.

In short, would I recommend that a company use as a market research tool? Unquestionably. The service is innovative, informative, professionally delivered and excellent value for money in terms of the more conventional and traditional methods of research employed by other market research providers.

Ronan Treacy
Marketing Director

— Name, Title

I have to say I was sceptical at first, but was impressed by the research results through

We set about to glean deeper insights into what our key markets are looking for from, how they perceive it, their relationship with it and uncover other commercial opportunities. We further wanted to explore the discreet differences between different markets’ life-stages.

I was attracted by the facility to show and research particular sections of the website in a controlled environment and manage what participants could see. It was fascinating to see the responses build and the interaction between participants evolve.

To be able to accommodate around double the number of participants within this methodology and draw more insights from each of them was a clear benefit. And of course we reached people from all over the country, all at the same time; no traipsing around the country or organising facilities meant we got the results faster and more efficiently too.

I’d recommend other companies considering qualitative research consider

It is how people communicate today. 

Jim Kelleher
Managing Director

— Name, Title

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