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Business and Marketing Benefits of

Focus Groups Online

Qualitative Research Methodology

Online Qualitative Research Methods

Online Digital Methodologies are a key specialist expertise of Focus Groups

We invested early and strongly and continue to do so, training in best practice in North America and other leading markets to delivers best results for clients locally and internationally. 

This expertise is sustained and enhanced through continuous investment.
Asynchronous and Synchronous methodologies are the dominant digital platforms. 

A particular favourite of our clients is Asynchronous Focus Groups. Why? Because they continuously deliver the results we look for. Favourites amongst others too as they continue to account for the lions share of all online qualitative research conducted worldwide.

A particular client benefit is the depth and breadth of quality data that is drawn from this methodology, a feature that makes it the most popular of all online qualitative platforms.

It is somewhat similar to conducting multiple one-to-one IDI’s simultaneously with the benefit of managed group interaction, coupled with a host of interactive tools designed to present great creative potential.

The expansive creative potential to get behind consumer’s real behaviours and motivations is what seriously excites us and our clients.

And a critical benefit is that it avoids a particular challenge of in-person groups – “group think”​. And delivers the human understanding we seek to deliver clients’ business success

Key Client Benefits of Online Asynchronous Focus Groups

Access to People you really want
Focus Groups opens up access to a wider group of people that match our clients’ target profile. We can present clients with access to these key markets by introducing significantly greater flexibility for them to participate.

Access to High Level Professionals

Many senior level professionals, who would not otherwise commit time to traditional focus groups, are attracted by the flexibility to contribute their time at their convenience.

Our specialist platforms are designed to facilitate their schedules; Doctors, Layers, C suite executives amongst others demonstrate their commitment on a range of projects.

Access to Time Poor

Access to at-home moms, working moms, and those people whose daily work schedule prevents them from taking part in traditional focus groups.

Access to Geographically Dispersed

Access to people who fit your target profile regardless of where they live and without having to worry about the associated costs of reaching them.

Access to Youth Markets

Access to the people who have grown up in this environment and have made the Internet, and everything associated with it, their own.

More Candid and Honest Insights
Our professional moderators can choose to protect the identity of each of the participants in the discussion. This means that while they are “visible” to one another, their anonymity, by virtue of assigned pseudonyms, allows them to be more candid and honest. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with sensitive subject matter such as Personal Finance.

Better Contribution and More Data
Focus Groups draws more insights from participants because each of the participants has an equal “voice” online. This enables all participants, including otherwise quieter ones, to confidently express their equally valid opinions.

Focus Groups enables participants to all “speak” at the same time without interrupting one another and without being interrupted. This facilitates greater contribution to the discussion than would be achieved through traditional focus groups.

Faster Response
Focus Groups combine the benefits of panels for speedy results with the ability to target specific markets. Transcripts are automatically captured, which uniquely enables us to provide clients with results and recommendations from this in-depth qualitative data quicker and more efficiently than more traditional research methods.

Save Money
The elimination of facilities costs and travel costs can reduce the overall budgetary requirement quite substantially.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can reveal key actionable, deeper insights - faster and more cost effectively – which you can leverage to gain competitive advantage, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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