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We focus on the 70 to 80% of people’s decision making process made by their emotional selves. We focus on the bits that elicit the feelings consumers (your customers and prospects)  have as they go about making the numerous decisions they make every day. The parts that elicit those feelings and drive decisions around your brand, product or service.

The parts that might elicit a certain feeling as you see this image?

We deliver the consumer insight that makes a difference to your business.

We focus on consumer behaviour, the customers and prospects of business; the vital end user, partner and purchaser of brands, products and services; the ultimate collaborators. We focus on the key stakeholders.

Where change springs from; and leads to internal and external innovation that ignites business.

​Which of these services or combination of services do you feel may best assist you change the behaviour you want and deliver your business success?

Our Services
• Business Concept Testing
• Business Development Testing
• Business Process Testing

• Brand Audit
• Brand Extension Testing
• Brand Positioning Evaluation
• Brand Identity Testing

• Marketing Communications Strategy evaluation and testing across platform:

      - TV/Print/Radio/ Digital/ Outdoor
• Promotions Testing across media platform
• Advertising Testing across media platform

• Purchase Decision Making Structure and Dynamics
• New Product Idea Generation and Development
• New Service Idea Generation and Development

• Pricing Strategy Testing
• Value Proposition Testing
• Language framing for Quantitative Research

Please contact us to discuss any areas that may be of particular interest to you


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