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We convert human understanding into business success.

Online Qualitative Research


Online Digital Methodologies are a key specialist expertise of Focus Groups

We invested early and strongly and continue to do so training in best practice in North America and other leading markets to delivers best results for clients. 

Asynchronous Focus Groups are increasingly popular because they continuously deliver the results we look for our clients.

A particular client benefit is the depth and breadth of quality data that is drawn from this methodology, 

The expansive creative potential to get behind consumer’s real behaviours and motivations is what seriously excites us and our clients.

An important benefit is that it avoids “group think”

And delivers the human understanding we seek to deliver clients’ business success

Traditional Qualitative Research


Increasingly, clients are moving towards Online Qualitative Research Methodologies. But traditional face-face approaches remain popular. These include the In-person Focus Group that historically is a stalwart of the profession along with various derivatives of this approach.


In–Person Focus group:
A moderator-led in-person discussion among a group of people selected against pre-defined socio-demographic and behavioural criteria relevant to the research topic and objectives. Typically one to two hours in length, a focus group discussion generally includes from 6 to 10 respondents.

In-depth interview (IDI, one-on-one): 
Interview with a single individual, typically lasting from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the subject matter and context. Often used for internal client research amongst staff and externally amongst senior executives and professionals. IDIs may be conducted in person or by telephone.

Dyads (2’s) and Triads (3’s) 
These are In-depth interviews with two or three people who may for instance represent decision making/influencing units. They may be, for instance, members of the same family or business team, who use a product or service and/or make purchase decisions together.

Paired Interviews

These are generally Dyads, with a twist. Instead of conducting a research session amongst both product users/purchasers at once, each of the paired respondents are interviewed separately and then together– largely to minimise group think / strong influencer bias. 

Hybrid Qualitative Research


We continually look for new ways to better deliver the consumer insight our clients are looking for.

This quest can take us on journeys to create 

bespoke combinations of methods, that typically involve one online method coupled with one in-person method.

They can be very powerful for gaining insight into different facets of a brand, product or service experience; for instance commencing with In-person based research to gain initial insight followed by subsequent deep exploration over extended periods (days/weeks/months) to build understanding of ongoing brand or service experience.

Clients say

Jill McGrath ,Managing Director. 

"Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service you gave us for our Focus Group research. The whole process was so efficient and the delivery was superb."

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